Fit and healthy through the Christmas season

Nice presents! We train hard all year round and then it happens to us: around Christmas we all too often lose the battle against the attraction of the sofa and give in to comfort. In the time of contemplation, it is also not reprehensible to let the end of the year end in a relaxed manner.

But it’s actually not that difficult to keep up with your sports program despite roast goose and marzipan. On the contrary: In particular, the time between the years is ideal for taking in one or the other sports session. For many of us, everyday life is at a standstill anyway and those who still have free time have even more time for sport than usual. In order to stay motivated, it simply depends on the right amount of fun during the workout.

Couch Flow


Yoga is known to be what you make of it – so how about if you don’t even have to get up?

With Lord Vishnus you can experience a flowing Vinyasa class, brought to the point in 60 minutes – from the sofa. Vishnu’s Couch Yoga helps you switch off, flow and bring yourself into harmony with your own rhythm

For the Couch Flow no special prior knowledge or knowledge is necessary. Your couch, comfortable clothes and a blanket are all you need – couch potato!

Chair Dance, Striptease and Burlesque

Lascivious hip swing, sexy steps and seductive moves – if classical dancing is too boring for you, then Pole Flow Berlin is the place for you. Here you can take advantage of the live online offer from Chair Dance, Striptease to Burlesque . Free yourself from the prejudice and stigma of ” striptease ” and enjoy the wonderful world of exotic sensual movements inspired by the old school “stripper style”.

The ” Chair Dance ” is not only extremely multifaceted, it also combines very different styles. While ” Burlesque ” aims more at erotic dance movements, elements from modern and contemporary dance can also be found in other forms.

All three workouts strengthen your muscles, tone your body and train your flexibility and tact. At the same time, the sensual exercises help you to feel more confident – so discover the diva in you!

Body Sculpt

Тренировки Body Sculpt (Боди Скульпт) в Приморском районе Спб в фитнес клубе

Sport keeps you fit in old age, just as it does at a young age. At Urban Sports Club we are convinced that regular exercise helps your health and is essential for physical and mental well-being – regardless of age. For this reason we are enthusiastic about the Body Sculpt course for seniors and fitness beginners from vitamin sports.

In the Body Sculpt course, the focus is on full body training. With the help of light hand weights you train endurance, coordination and strength. The workout uses all the important muscle groups, gets your body in shape and supports your posture and your musculoskeletal system.

The one-hour course is not only ideal for the older generation, but also perfect for everyone who is looking for an easy introduction to the sport and wants to usher in the winter season in a healthy way.

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Handstand at home

A handstand sometimes lets things appear from a completely new perspective. At the same time it demands your strength, balance and a little courage. The good thing about it is: you bring everything you need with you.

At first it can seem quite difficult to learn the handstand – especially if you practice on your own and don’t really know how to start. But in the live online courses from Papillon Tanz Studio you can easily learn the right handstand technique.

The dance studio is known for teaching the art of dance in a fun and accessible way. They are convinced that there should be dance lessons on sick note, because they are so good for your health and well-being. The same principle applies to the handstand.

Being able to hold a handstand for a few seconds for the first time gives you a new feeling – more self-confidence, more power, more freedom, more fun or everything together. Turn your own world upside down and do the handstand!

Yoga meets dance

Yoga meets dance - Studiohaus fabrik Potsdam - Dance - Online Booking - Fitogram

Let your asanas dance! Combine your asanas and yoga exercises with rhythm, move them to the music and surrender to the beat in a dynamic flow – together with the Green Yoga team.

With the “Yoga meets Dance” classes, you will learn to move your body to the beat when you immerse yourself in an improvisation of intuitive and ecstatic movements. Well-known yoga postures are processed in dances, which is sure to keep your concentration, your breathing and your endurance on your toes.

And the best thing about it? With every participation in a live online course, Green Yoga donates 5% of the income to planting trees. So you are not only doing something good for your body and mind, but also for our environment.

In order to get through the festive season fit and healthy, the most important thing is to enjoy the days off with your loved ones and not forbid yourself to anything. Christmas days are something very special and should stay that way. A good portion of variety is therefore particularly important for our psyche.

Exercise also stimulates your body to release endorphins, so that you are simply happy and relaxed afterwards. So either you grab your family for a brisk walk or you do a workout with your loved ones that you enjoy. This will not only promote your health, but also their health.

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