On Being Open Minded

"As I said, growing up under communism, you are not taught to be open minded. And there's a reason for this: If you are not open minded, then you can be easily manipulated. People at the top are very invested in making sure we do not question what we are told to believe. Whether it is a communist ruler or, for many of us, the rulers of food and pharmaceutical industries, people at the top … [Read more...]


Month 17? Updates.


So the 2nd semester of Business School has ended and it was probably the most hectic yet rewarding semester I've had thus far. 16 months ago, I couldn't have imagined that I would be in this position today. In the past few months, I had: Secured an internship position with Microsoft. (Had a long interview process and was happy with the results. I couldn't and wouldn't see myself ever … [Read more...]


Moisturizer Withdrawal Experience from reader

Hi Leslie, Hope this email finds you well. Just want to share some experience with you. You are an advocate for MW right? Well, after all that we have read about MW, my hubby decided to embark on his some 4 weeks ago. He has eczema but it has never been as bad as my son's condition. He has been able to contain the flares by applying moisturizers on the skin right after showers, twice a day. … [Read more...]


Month ?? (14?) TSW Pictures and Happy New Year!

TSW month 14 Right Calf

Let the pictures do the talking. Thoughts on skin: I have already forgotten how many months post TSW it has been for my skin, as it has not bothered me a single bit. There have been no sudden major flares since I started MW (over a year back). Physical skin recovery is obvious but slow. I look pretty normal, other than some battle scars, darker pigmentation, … [Read more...]


Being Effective vs Doing more

effective vs doing more

Are you truly effective? Or are you simply doing work for the sake of doing, to be busy, to appear busy, to appear smart? After going through 2 months+ of business school, assignments, projects and presentations, I have always made it a point to observe who is truly effective vs those who are not. And the key lessons thru my observations are: 1) Execution, Execution, EXECUTION! Nothing … [Read more...]


Uncomfortable is the new comfortable

uncomfotable is the new comfortable

Swoosh! It is the end of the first half of our semester and time really flies! It has been a blast thus far - projects, assignments, group meetings, networking, drinks, clubbings, having fun, long nights, last minute submissions, lectures, recruitment events, activities, sports, football, new friends, new experiences. Just like that, 6 weeks have passed. It was not all particularly smooth … [Read more...]