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REQUIRED from Michael Byrne – Mental Health Myths

We can do a lot for our physical health: get enough sleep, pay attention to our diet and do a lot of sport. Mental health seems to be a sure-fire success for many of us.

We may treat ourselves to an encouraging reward when we are stressed. Pay attention – more or less successfully – to our work-life balance and pull ourselves together when we have a hangover. But compared to our body we often neglect our soul in most cases.

It is all the more important now to take care of your mental health. As? Let’s just ask Michael Byrne! Michael is more than just a fitness trainer. In addition to its diverse range of HIIT, Barre, Stretch and AB-Attack, the live online course “Coaching in the kitchen” will be added from November 30th.

According to the company, this is a hybrid fitness and coaching concept that addresses “negative feelings and thoughts”. For example, the cheat phenomenon will be the subject: an unrealistic goal setting, an inappropriate way of thinking, a lack of mindfulness and motivation as well as a strong procrastination, which are the cause of stress and strain.

Michael was a professional dancer, choreographer and creative director, working for “We Will Rock You” and “Starlight Express” – until he suffered burnout himself. Now, as a fully certified life and business coach, he would like to help create a holistic experience with his sessions.

Myth 1 – If you are unsportsmanlike, force yourself to exercise!

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NOT TRUE. The fact that sport and exercise keep us fit and healthy is not new – and applies to pretty much every age. We should all work up a sweat regularly, but only if you are comfortable with it.

Coaching is primarily about finding out what is important to you and what makes you feel good! If you cannot imagine a life without exercise, then you should definitely exercise regularly.

But what if this is not the case? In the world of coaching, we call this a “limiting belief”. If beliefs limit you, then you should face them. This makes it easy to break through obstructive patterns. Simply swap your “limiting belief” for one that is more useful to you.

75% of people are affected by the fraud phenomenon. It is important that we understand why we are constantly plagued by massive self-doubts about our own abilities, accomplishments, and successes. We simply have to unlearn these negative beliefs in order to reprogram ourselves.

Myth 2 – If you don’t achieve your goals, you are a failure!

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Many have wishes. Good resolutions are also not uncommon. Goals, however, are important because they give meaning to our actions. A goal that is formulated realistically gives you strength and motivation. But breaks on the way are also right and important.

Our physical health is very closely linked to our mental health, because only in a healthy body is there a healthy mind. I did a therapy myself that changed my life forever.

Whenever my everyday life stresses me, I pause for a moment. Sport offers me a good balance to clear my head.

If you have setbacks, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Maybe it’s because of the goals themselves: Were they realistic? Analyze what went wrong and just try to do better next time. You can learn from defeat in particular.

Myth 3 – Motivation comes naturally!

“Motivation comes with clarity.” It is important to question yourself. What exactly is it that you want and what does it take to achieve that? My mantra is: STATE IT TO CREATE IT!

If you only go into yourself for 5 minutes, rethink your goal, I’ll give you a seal that, like 85% of other people, you just keep going. Only we ourselves have the power to make a difference. Therefore you should start with yourself and your convictions. The key to achieving your goals is your personal development.

Fear of failure is just a human coping mechanism. You can always find a reason not to start in the first place.

Therefore, self-awareness and self-confidence are almost inseparable from our goals. The one without the other is hardly conceivable. Perhaps you have already experienced at some point: When you have achieved something in particular, it increases your self-confidence enormously. You may even feel some pride.

So be brave to pursue your goals – even if the path is sometimes rocky and difficult.

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