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Against boredom during workouts: 10 podcasts worth listening to

Headphones on, press play, world off. Let’s train. For many of us, the workout without music has become a kind of no-go. Scientific research shows that music can make you more productive in sports. The right song – preferably between 120 and 140 beats per minute – motivates, makes you less sensitive to pain and increases endurance and efficiency.

You can get valuable tips on how to find the right music for your workout here.

But interesting and funny conversations can also be a welcome distraction during the more routine cardio training on the treadmill, cross trainer or bike: We’re talking about podcasts. They are an ear-friendly alternative, especially for sweaty workouts.

Often times, podcasts not only calm your mind, but also ensure that your focus is fully on what is being said. This has the advantage that your training time goes by in a flash, your pulse becomes flatter and your body can relax a little even during harder training sessions.

So that you get something interesting, motivating and / or entertaining for your ears when you sweat, we listened a little closer and found ten exciting podcasts for your next training session:

1. Pushing Limits Podcast

Science Focus Podcast: How to push the limits of human endurance - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Every episode of the “Pushing Limits Podcast” has exciting reports on experiences to interesting expert interviews ready for you: Training, nutrition, regeneration, equipment, biomechanics, motor skills and much more – these are the topics of one of the most popular podcasts for Endurance sports throughout Germany.

At first it sounds like the topics have nothing to do with endurance sports, but if you listen carefully, the protagonists take the sport apart down to the smallest detail and put it back together again in an optimized way. Regardless of your fitness level, the podcast is an insightful and engaging audio sample that will make any endurance nerd’s heart beat faster.

2. FatBoysRun

This light-footed and amusing podcast is moderated by Philipp and Micha – two former Fat Boys who say they are now running marathons and ultramarathons. Your target group are runners who are sometimes satisfied with not setting a new record. Nice, right?

In addition to numerous interviews, the two philosophize in a refreshing way about their training. With their unique and unmistakable perspective on life, Philipp and Micha catapulted themselves into the ears and, above all, the hearts of their listeners – sometimes quite weird, but always really good entertainment for long workouts.

3. Meditation, Coaching & Life: The Podcast with Michael “Curse” Kurth

5 Best Meditation Podcasts for Seniors - Lifetime Daily

He is not an unknown face and should already be known to many as the German rapper “Curse”. After a very successful music career, he gave up the microphone for the time being to go in search of himself.

With his podcast, “Curse” takes the microphone back in hand: As Michael Kurth, the convinced Buddhist speaks about decelerating everyday life in the form of meditation, mindfulness, creativity and routines for a healthy life.

If you want to know more about Michael’s mediation journey to himself, then click here.

4. Another Mother Runner

are you mom? Do your kids drive you to the edge of desperation every now and then? Is running one of your valves then? If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, then this podcast is ideal for you!

“Another Mother Runner” will be hosted by Sarah Bowen Shea. As a mother of three, a veteran of 14 marathons and co-author of Run Like a Mother, she talks about the intersection of motherhood and running. Find out how the two apparently opposing worlds complement and unite with each other.

5. No time to eat

Would you like to eat healthier, but don’t have time to cook? “No time to eat” is a podcast that deals with exactly this topic.

Nutrition coach Sarah Tschernigow talks about everyday possibilities to eat healthily and to achieve your dream figure in a healthy and natural way. She gives nutrition tips to go for this: Is there any healthy fast food? What can I eat at the train station? It’s worth listening to!

6. TRAINED by Nike

Outstanding performance is not innate, it has to be trained. The Nike TRAINED podcast covers the latest developments in holistic fitness to help you become a better trainer and athlete. Tune in and learn more about the latest innovations, findings and trends from experts in the fitness industry.

7. Fitness with M.A.R.K.

” Fitness with M.A.R.K.” ranked number 1 in the Germany charts for fitness podcasts several times. In each episode, fitness coach Mark Maslow explains important parts of the “M.A.R.K. Formula”. These are the four elements of mental training, a balanced diet, proper strength training and cardio training. Experts and medical professionals are usually invited to the podcast in order to work out well-founded tips together with the moderator.

8. Ali on the Run Show

Ali on the Run Show's stream

Every week Ali invites inspiring runners from all over the world. While it is the running that unites the presenter and her interlocutor, she digs a little deeper into the psyche of her guests in each episode of her podcast. The conversations are often about decisions that have brought a person to where they currently stand and what roles the sport plays in this.

Ali does not mince his words – both the beautiful and the less beautiful sides of training are discussed. Your listeners appreciate this honesty!


“Achim Achilles” is one of the most famous hobby runner podcasts in Germany. Here you can talk to relaxed and competent people about topics such as health, fitness, running and nutrition.

Produced by Achilles Running, one of the online magazines with the widest coverage for runners in German-speaking countries, journalistic independence, social cohesion and attitude meet here – all with a good dose of humor.

10. TrueAthletes – TrueTalk: The podcast of the German Athletics Association

Beating boredom while exercising: 10 worthy Podcasts | Urban Sports Club Blog

Last but not least, the podcast of the German Athletics Association aims to make running an experience for everyone. Here the stories of the people behind the services are told – tangible and approachable.

In addition to the athletes, the moderators Peter Schmitt and Alexandra Dersch also talk to coaches, officials and decision-makers behind the scenes in German athletics. We say that the podcast is brave, transparent and asks questions that would otherwise not have much time in the fast-paced everyday business.

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